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Mawu Lisa Tonic

Supplement facts:

 The towering Kola tree can be found spread through Western Africa, littering it's the fruit; the kola nut all around. This nut was originally used by the native people after meals to promote digestion but they soon realized it had other benefits. Because of the increase oxygenation in the body caused by the Kola nut; those who consumed it  felt more calm, cognitively sharp, and noticed increase in their libido. Oxygen is what fuels our bodies, it's increase in our blood stream can lead to faster healing, better decision making, and a better feeling of general well being. 

These 2 products into 1 now

-The bitter Kola nut ( Garcinia Kola) was originally chewed by the native people of West Africa, after meals, to promote digestion and other health benefits.

-No sodium (0mg) and high potassium (260mg) very important for a pre- workout and/or post-workout beverage.

-100% Vegan