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Do you want discover a new way to feel brighter, lighter and happier daily? Of course we all do, but it's hard to find a beverage that does the trick 4 real.

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Here at Elyown llc we are specialized in bridging the gap between Africa and America through holistic remedies. Now reintroducing the Bitter Kola Nut, a native to West African culture as a sweet delicious daily health beverage, Mawu Lisa Tonic since 2015.

We believe in sharing agricultural knowledge to keep a better balance on this Earth. 

We specialize in African holistic remedies food because we see the need and a room to do more chemicals free product consumption as a people. I Started this drinks  business because I was tired of seeing my American friends consuming lots of toxic and chemicals just to finish a shift. We at Elyown llc believe there is a better way. I’ d like to personally invite you to try one of our Maw Lisa Tonic for yourself. 

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Mawu Lisa Tonic beverage has a very low caffeine content only 0.12mg, and no Taurine ( bull sperm made in lab) 

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