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Welcome to Mawu Lisa Tonic drinks

Welcome to Mawu Lisa Tonic drinks

Welcome to Mawu Lisa Tonic drinksWelcome to Mawu Lisa Tonic drinksWelcome to Mawu Lisa Tonic drinks

Do you want discover a new way to feel brighter, lighter and happier daily? Of course we all do, but it's hard to find a beverage that does the trick 4 real.

About Us

Here at Elyown llc we are specialized in bridging the gap between Africa and America through holistic remedies. Now reintroducing the Bitter Kola Nut, a native to West African culture as a sweet delicious daily health beverage, Mawu Lisa Tonic since 2015.

We believe in sharing agricultural knowledge to keep a better balance on this Earth. 

We specialize in African holistic remedies food because we see the need and a room to do more chemicals free product consumption as a people. I Started this drinks  business because I was tired of seeing my American friends consuming lots of toxic and chemicals just to finish a shift. We at Elyown llc believe there is a better way. I’ d like to personally invite you to try one of our Maw Lisa Tonic for yourself. 

Educate yourself about the unknown

Mawu Lisa Tonic beverage has a very low caffeine content only 0.12mg, and no Taurine ( bull sperm made in lab) 

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Mawu lisa Tonic

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